Five Hole Washer Toss Set
  • Five Hole Washer Toss Set
  • Five Hole Washer Toss Set
  • Five Hole Washer Toss Set
  • Five Hole Washer Toss Set
  • Five Hole Washer Toss Set
  • Five Hole Washer Toss Set
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Brand: Backyard Washer Toss
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Five Hole Washer Toss Set

Make sure you get the washer in the hole! Washer toss (aka washers game, washers, or washoos) is a classic outdoor game that requires skill to win, and perfect for outdoor events like camping, family picnics, tailgating, barbeques, and more.

This five hole washer toss set is a fun variation of the box-style game. The extra holes give you a better chance to score points. The two holes in front are worth 1 point, the two holes in the back are worth 3 points, and the smaller hole in the center of the board is worth five points. No points are given for getting the washer on the board, but not in a cup.

These washer toss boards are available in 3 different colors for the carpet. The carpet used is slightly thicker and plush than the normal indoor/outdoor carpet found in most washer toss games, which reduces how much the washers bounce. Each set is proudly made in the USA. Add up to two sets of powder coated washers for 33% off the normal price!


  • 3 color choices for carpet
  • Two latches to lock the washer toss boards together
  • Nylon handles on each washer toss game board
  • Ten (10) foot long rope that connects to both washer toss boards for official playing distance 
  • Four 4-inch diameter cups and one 3-inch diameter cup in each washer toss game board


  • Made with popple/poplar wood (more durable than pine)
  • 20.25 x 20.25 x 3.75 inches (20.25 x 20.25 x 7.5 when latched together)
  • 10.5 pounds each (21 pounds when latched together)

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